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The Great Lakes HummerNet is a project designed to learn more about hummingbirds in the Great Lakes region by enlisting the help of volunteer observers throughout the state. That's you! The project is in the beginning stages and will be fine-tuned as it progresses.

What we're trying to find out:

  • Spring arrival dates throughout Michigan
  • Fall departure dates throughout Michigan
  • Peak dates and numbers of hummingbirds during migration
  • Migration routes and concentration points in Michigan
  • Routes and timing of migration from Michigan to their wintering grounds
  • Statewide population estimates and year-to-year variances in nesting success
  • Nesting locations, number of attempted and successful nestings, and data on "family groups"
  • Nesting locations
  • Nest site fidelity
  • Preferred food plants
  • Documentation of other rare species of hummingbird

How you can participate:

You can do any, or all, of the following:

  • During Spring migration (April-May), keep track of the first date you see hummingbirds at your feeders
  • During Fall migration (July-October), keep track of the last date you see hummingbirds at your feeders
  • During Spring and Fall (April-May/July-October) migration count the maximum numbers at your feeders
  • During Summer (June-July), report numbers of hummingbirds at your feeders, and any evidence of nesting you may find
  • Be alert for any unusual-looking hummingbirds, and any out-of-season (i.e., before April 25, or after October 10) hummingbirds, and report them to the compiler as soon as possible (statewide)
  • Volunteer to become a "Hummer Host" where more intensive research, specifically banding, would be done on your property (southeastern Lower Peninsula only)

How to report your information:

Report all spring arrivals of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (Michigan only) to Allen Charther at  

Report all fall departures of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (Michigan only) to Allen Charther at  

To report an unusual-looking hummingbird (Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana), send an email, with photos of the bird if available, to Allen Chartier as soon as possible:

The data gathered will be posted on this website as it is compiled.